Princess Saffa Hijab Dress Up

Princess Safa Dress Up - Muslimah dress up.

Hallo Muslimah! Princess Saffa needs your help. Can you help her making beautiful and choosing a beautiful dress for her? Pick up the fitting hijab and make over her.

Let’s go to the makeup session first. Choose your favorite foundation, eye shadow. You can also change her color eye, eyebrow, and mascara. Don’t forget to give a face-lift on her lips.

Next step is choosing the right dress for Princess Saffa. There are a lot of good-looking hijabs you can choose. A various gorgeous dresses are available.

Wait, you are not finished yet. You can still add more accessories for her, such as necklace, bracelet, bag, etc. Once you done, then Princess Saffa will be look more stunning then before.

1. Makeup. 
2. Fashionable dress yet syar’i.
3. A numerous hijabs. 
4. A lot of accessories such as necklace, bracelet, glasses, bag, and beautiful broses.
5. So many dazzling shoes.

What are you waiting for? Download and play Princess Saffa Hijab right now! It’s FREE!