Information Collected
Information that we collect are "NETWORK STATUS INFORMATION", "WIFI STATUS INFORMATION". "USER LOCATION INFORMATION", "INTERNAL DATA STORAGE". Regarding to these three information, we will use it for advertisement purposes.

In order to show the advertisement requires internet connection checking, either via non-Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi. Moreover, we also collect the information of user location to get the advertisement show in proper country. Meanwhile for data, we only use it if only we need it. For example; to take the screenshot in some applications which require screenshot feature. We also save general data such as highest score, last score, audio setting, or other settings in the game or applications.

Some of our apps may collect user's data, such as name, email, url, images, profile of Google Plus API or other API in order to user maintenance and also send the new updates related to Keong Games. For those who use our app will involuntarily agree with this policy. We'll keep all information and will not spread into third party.

Information Security
Regarding to the information security, we only use internet web to screenshot the advertisement image. Therefore, it should be not bother user data privacy.

Related to user location information, we collect it to adjust the advertisement so that it appears in correct country. We do not share the information to anyone, but AdNetwork as our partner. For further information which is used by AdNetwork is not our responsibility.

We also guarantee that we do not write anything that has no relation with the application or game. We use the feature to record it permanently in order to re-read when the application is closed and opened again.

If our product is free, then user should accept the advertisement show on our product. We have already chosen the advertisement that appropriate for kids since they are our target market. However, we are not able to control all of advertisements because AdNetwork has more control to select the content of the advertisement.

We are trying so hard to keep the advertisement safe for the kids. The purpose of the advertisement itself is not to distract the user; however it is the responsibility for the user who uses the free application or game.

All the content either it is audio, animation, image, design or other is protected by law. Users or other people are prohibited to reuse without Keong Games permission.