Snack Bar - Cooking Games

Princess Corny is ready to share her snack recipes! So don't miss this special chance to cook tasty meals and snacks.

Here, at Snack Bar Restaurant, you may create various snacks and meals. There are so many ingredients available, such as egg, muffin, cheese, meat, pasta, and mushroom. You should play this addictive game either in your holiday or free time.


Snack Bar Restaurant Menu:
1. Bacon Egg Muffins
2. Cheesy Puff Cup
3. BBQ Chicken Cup
4. Béchamel Egg Muffin
5. Favorite Egg Cake
6. Baked Cheese Potato
7. Pasta Cup
8. Crispy Mushroom Inside

How to cook Béchamel Egg Muffin
- Toast the bread into a toaster.
- Cut the bread into two pieces
- Put powder, milk, and butter in the frying pan
- Add some cheese, salt, and mustard
- Stir it well
- Put the paper cup into the mold
- put in the toasted bread
- Pour the dough 
- Bake it in the oven for couple minutes
- when it's done, place it in the plate and put some decoration.
- Béchamel Egg Muffin is ready to serve