Summer Girl

Do you like fashion? Do you like mix and match dresses? Do you like hot summer? Since it's summer, let's go to the beach! Before we go to the beach, it's better to choose the sweet outfit. Are you ready for summer holiday? Let's get it on!

Firstly, go to make up session first. In this section, you can choose your model’s skin color, such as tan, bright, dark. Later on, choose your favorite eye shadow, eye color, eyebrow, even mascara. You can also change her hairstyle. Last but not least, give a face-lift on her lips to make her look more striking.

The next step is we go to dress up section. Mix and match your dress and skirt. Make it gorgeous. Or you can choose your favorite swimsuit. Don’t forget to add some accessories such as bag, bracelet, necklace, hat, glasses, etc. Once you finished with it, then your model is ready to go to the beach. Isn’t she look pretty?

1. Various make up
2. Fashionable dresses
3. So many choices of swimsuits
4. So many accessories such as bag, bracelet, necklace, etc.
5. Stylish shoes

What are you waiting for? Let’s download SUMMER GIRL Dress Up and play it right now. It’s FREE!