Princess Juice Maker

Fresh Juice, good for Winter, Summer or Fall!
But, very best to make it on Spring.
Choose funny, beautiful or cool glasses or straw!
Add your favourite fruit, chocolate or grean tea topping

Kids, Adult, All Ages will happy making juice. What's your favourite juice? Don't choose only one fruit to make, because you can choose all of to mix!


- Fresh fruits juice
- Organic vegetable juice
- Frozen and Slushies juice
- More than 100 different combination
- Add your favourite topping

How To Play:
- Choose a fruit or vegetable to juice
- Don't forget to add water or milk
- For more delicious juice, you can add chocolate, vanilla, honey, green tea and more 
- Choose funny, beautiful or cool glasses
- Choose decoration: straw, fruit topping or the others
- Done! You can drink your fresh juice