Crazy Doughnut Maker

Everybody is amazed looking at doughnuts which neatly arranged in the Princess Corny's doughnut stall. There's a magic touch in every single Princess Corny's doughnut which make it special and lovable. Do you love Princess' doughnut too?

There's no doubt that you are fan of Princess Corny's doughnut. Special for you, Princess Corny offers you to be a chef for her food stall. All you need to do is joining with Princess in Crazy Doughnut Maker.

In Princess Corny kitchen , you can learn how to cook special doughnut that make people can't stop staring at it. What an amazing doughnut. Put your apron on, go to the kitchen, and create a scrumptious doughnut.

1. You may own the cake shop free.
2. 8 special burger recipes
3. An easy instruction for kids
4. Easy control. Just by tapping and sliding
5. Acceleration mode to make it more challenging
6. Complete kitchen tool set to make cooking easier.
7. Tap on the doughnut after you are done cooking.

Secret Recipes
1. Classic Glazed Doughnut
2. Very Big Mix Doughnut
3. Glorious Doughnut
4. Okonomi Doughnut
5. Long John Doughnut

This app can be downloaded free. All standard features can be played free. However, several features only can be played by purchasing the full version. This app also displays advertisement. If you do not want the ads appeared, you can purchase the full version.