Barbeque Party

Party! Have fun and cook along with Princess Corny. Barbeque party! Let's roast some ingredients to make special delicious dish. Spend your free time by playing this great game either at park, home, bed room, etc.

In this BBQ restaurant, you can cook some dish. A lot of ingredients are available to cook such as vegetables, mushrooms, tenderloin, salmon, tomato ketchup, pepper, or meat. make your day beautiful by playing this game


BBQ Party Menu
1. Mix Vegetable BBQ
2. Spicy Mushroom BBQ
3. Tenderloin Steak BBQ Sauce
4. Salmon BBQ with Lemon Sauce
5. Sausage BBQ
6. Shrimp BBQ with Black Pepper
7. Chicken BBQ
8. Garden BBQ
9. Spicy Corn BBQ
10. Special Ribs BBQ

How to make Mix Vegetable BBQ
1. Place corn, potato, paprika, cucumber, and broccoli into skewer.
2. Spread the butter and sauce.
3. Roast and spin 
4. Mix vegetable BBQ is ready to serve.