Princess Restaurant

After learning a ton of recipes, Princess Corny finally open her own restaurant. Corny's Restaurant is a top restaurant. A unique ingredients are used, such as rounded tofu, even traditional ingredients.
Let's help Princess Corny to serve the customers in her new restaurant.


Corny Restaurant's recipes:
1. Frozen Banana Smoothie
2. Frozen Yoghurt
3. Sweet Pie
4. Choco Waffle Pudding
5. Sushi
6. Pasta
7. Fruity Ice Stick
8. Steak

How to cook Steak:
- First step is smash the meat 
- Put the meat in the grill, add some seasonings, BBQ sauce, and peppers.
- Wait until it cooked
- Once it done, spread the soy sauce and black peppers.
- Put the steak in the plate, and put some decoration
- Special steak is ready to serve.