Crazy Burger Maker - Super Big

o you like burgers? ohh yeah .. Like a steak everyone like to eat this meal for dinner dash. But, do you know where the shop of this food the most delicious? Princess Corny Burger Shop! it is the Burger shop most delicious. Because everything was cooked by a professional chef. All the ingredients are high quality. Meat, cheese, lettuce, chicken and much more. Everything is fast. You have to try it. Burger fever start now.

Come to the kitchen with the chef and lets cooking your meal. Complete his challenges and become a great chef. Cooking a burger starts with making the dough. Mix all the ingredients according to recipe. Once the burger is ready, you can begin to fill it with meat, lettuce and cheese. More cheese more delicious. Serve your fast food while warm. Equipped with a fresh drink, certainly more fun. Your challenge is complete. Now you become a great chef burger.

Why Burger Kitchen Princess Corny can be very tasty ? Sttt.. this is a meal secret recipe. The burger was a delicious as cooked with love and happiness. Amazing is not it? You can try it yourself to prove this secret recipe. Come to the kitchen Princess Corny Burger Shop, and get started.

Burger can eat anytime. Breakfast dash, lunch dash and dinner dash. More complete if at the food server with fresh drink.

1. Have a restaurant for free. With a burger tycoon.
2. 6 special cheese burger chain recipes.
3. Step by step instructions that make it easy for all ages
4. The game controls are easy and fun. Just by tapping and sliding.
5. Acceleration mode to make it more challenging. Arcade it!
6. Complete kitchen tool set to make cooking easier.
7. Tap on the burger after you are done cooking.
8. Your burger shop is ready now.
9. Serve a delicious meal for dinner. Be a manager, delivery ontime.

1. Fever Delux Burger
2. Tuna Veggie Burger
3. Green Burger (Healthy Burger)
4. Fever Big Mix Burger
5. Mushroom Runch Burger
6. Fever Tofu Chees Burger

All burger filled with cheese. This food is an outstanding snack. Coming soon to the center of the kitchen burger Princess Corny. Follow his challenge. Fever challenge start now. Cooking, eating and serving food. Make yourself a great chef.

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