Soft Ice Cream

The air was so hot! It would be very nice if you could enjoy an ice cream sundae sweet and fresh. But unfortunately, his Ice cupboard empty. No sweet ice cream, gelato, sundaes, dessert or snack more. Even baking brownies did not exist. Though tongue already fussy want to taste sweet ice cream sundae. what do you have to do?

Let cook their own tasty gelato ice cream. Before cooking gelato, you should be spending the materials beforehand. Purchase flour, eggs, cream, cake brownies, cone cones cute, scoop sundae, sundae cups, ginger and bucket. Yea ... bucket that we will use for cooking and knead the dough ice cream.

The dough dessert Judah nearly so. The aroma was so tasty and makes the stomach fuss. Aroma gelato and very sweet sundae. Once the dough is finished, we stayed in the closet peningin freeze. If the ice cream frozen finished, remove from the refrigerator and start to sell it with the ice cream truck.

1. There are 17 variations of flavors of gelato sundae was delicious.
2. There are 30 kinds of cone cone sweet
3. There are 44 kinds of dishes of ice cream cute as a panda
4. There are 36 kinds of glasses of ice cream, including the form panda
5. There are 40 kinds of cream topping was delicious
6. There are 40 kinds springkle gelato sundaes and sweet
7. There are 40 kinds of candy ornaments to beautify
8. There are 40 kinds of cake crumbs of cake like brownies, gingerbread, panda cake, suitable for snack
9. There are 40 kinds of pieces of complementary dessert
10. There are 40 kinds of ornaments emot cute, including panda emot
11. There are 20 kinds of beautiful background

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