Lunch Box Bento Cooking Games

Princess Corny's recipes are revealed!
Go to the kitchen, prepare the ingredients, and start cooking for lunch!
When you are having delicious lunch, then you can do all the activities with full energy!

You may cook various bento in this restaurant. You can steam the rice and shape it into a unique shape, cook the potatoes, eggs, meat, corn, etc. Moreover, you can decorate your bento using broccoli, or other fruits. Cheer up your holiday or free time by playing this addictive game.


Bento Recipe:
1. yellow kitty
2. School Bus Sandwich
3. Onigiri Smile
4. Sushi Chain
5. Shinny Sun
6. Hello Burger Big
7. Beauty Flower Blast
8. Smile Fresh and Healthy

How to play Sushi:
- First, put the nori in the bamboo mat
- Place the rice and put the fillings.
- Roll it up tidily .
- Cut the sushi roll.
- Put the paper cup, lettuce, and sushi in the luch box
- choose your favorite side dish, and fruits
- Your lunch box is ready!