Candy Salon

Do you like candy? Who doesn't love candy? Everybody loves candy. However, have you ever thought to make your own candy? Yeah, making a candy is not an easy job. Instead of making a good candy, you make a mess your kitchen. But, wait! You can still make a candy without messing up your kitchen.

Yup, here's the solution: Candy Salon! An interesting mobile application to decorate your favorite candy. You can start it by choosing the shape you like such as round, square, etc. Next thing is by adding some flavor like vanilla, strawberry, lemon, and many more. Don't stop right there, you can decorate your candy by adding some accessories such as eyes, nose, and lips. You can also choose your own stick. Ain't it fun?

have fun and be creative. Choose your own candy and make it the sweetest candy ever.

1. 48 shapes and flavors
2. 48 shapes and toppings
3. Cute accessories such as eyes, mouth, lips
4. 20 stick candies
5. Save your creation in your smartphone
6. It's FREE

Other Features:
- take screenshot and save it on your phone
- send your candy by email
- eat your candy and reset it

So, what are you waiting for? Download and play it now!